Special building post

Last week I said that if the rain held off on Monday and Tuesday of this week, I’d have a special post later this week. adózás sportfogadás után And here it is.

One of our goals this year was to replace the metal siding on the west side of our church building and paint the non-bricked part of the building. jackpot nyerőgépes játékok Well, the siding is only half-done, but our guys did get the south and east sides (along with the entry way) painted. sportfogadás tippek Some before (left) and after (right) pics are below.

Saralynn and I were at the IFRBC Annual Conference (separate post coming soon) Monday and Tuesday, so we didn’t get to see it mid-job. It was done when we got back.

Great job, guys! Thank you!

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