Listen, Day 22: Acts 23-28

This concludes the first five books of the New Testament. Here are some updated stats about where we are now (as of Sunday’s listening):

  • we are over one-half (55%) of the way through by days (22 of 40)
  • we are 45% through the chapters (117 of 260)
  • we are still less than one-fifth (18%) through the books of the New Testament


  • It’s really cool all of the people Paul got to talk to because of the courts he was in and the places they took him as a prisoner


  • We would do well to remember today to not speak against the leaders of our people
  • It’s a good thing to have friends and connections in politics
  • Paul never changed his story; it was the same each time he told it. When we do what we’re supposed to do, we will never have to worry about what we will say, whether in court or to anyone who asks.
  • Again, I wonder how the story would have changed had Paul not appealed to the Roman emperor and gone to Rome as a prisoner.