Listen, Day 23: Romans 1-8

Well, I have to admit it – it was hard for the kids to sit through the first half of Romans last night. Not because it was so much longer than most other listenings. Not because Romans is less important and doesn’t mean anything (exactly the opposite, actually).

It’s because we’re out of the stories section of the New Testament. The gospels and Acts are full of stories; the rest of the NT, not so much. Does that make it more or less important? No. It simply means we now have to listen more carefully. لعب قمار اون لاين

Stories are great for keeping our attention, and God chose to use stories for some parts of his book. Jesus taught many of his kingdom principles using stories. But God also chose to not use stories for some parts in the Bible. And God is always right.

God is about ready to teach us some big things for the rest of his book, and we’ll miss them if we’re just looking for stories. There is a place for stories. But there is also a place for hard truths. Don’t let your listening time slip because the stories are over. Open your hearts and minds and let God’s Word penetrate into your soul. اربح مال من الانترنت

Here is what we heard last night. (Even the boys picked up some of those deep truths.)

Nathan: Where there isn’t a law, it can’t be broken

Micah: If there is a law, you have to obey it. If there is no law, you can’t obey it.


Can’t wait to see what other deep truths God points out over the next few weeks!

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  1. I, too, noticed a difference. My listening skills need to be honed, as I have learned listening to Romans. Another great lesson within the “Listen” series. Do I truly listen when people talk or just when they relate stories?

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