Listen, Day 24: Romans 9-16

We finished Romans in our listening today. Who knew you could get through Romans in two days? Of course, there is a lot more there, but sometimes you just go through it quickly to get the high points. You can drill down and study it further from there. Here are the high points that Saralynn and I heard.


  • I think it’s interesting that God chose Jacob over Esau before they were even born.  Romans points out that it was so we would know that it didn’t have to do with anything they did.
  • I love that one of Paul’s motives for preaching to the Gentiles was that he hope some of the Jews would be jealous enough to come to Christ
  • Romans is so full of practical Christian living, I think it would do all of us good to study it.


  • Many people try to use Romans 9 to prove that some people cannot be saved because God has chosen them for his wrath. It’s true that everything (including our salvation) depends on God. It’s true that many people will feel the full force of his wrath against sin. But it’s also true that he patiently puts up with and loves people, even if they don’t believe in him.
  • And that’s the key: no one is acceptable to him because of obedience. But anyone who has faith in him will be accepted by him.
  • This was apparently such a contentious topic even back then that Paul wanted to make sure everyone knew that he wasn’t making this stuff up! I counted at least 14 different references back to the Old Testament supporting and proving his teachings in chapters 9-11.
  • What a great reminder that nothing we do is keeping the church from failing (“you are not supporting the roots of that tree”). It is Christ who supports us and builds his church (“It’s roots are supporting you.”) – it’s not about us!
  • There are a couple of things in this section that I definitely want to study further. “They were cut away because they did not have faith” and “He will keep on being kind to you, if you keep on trusting in his kindness.”
  • I really like the word “sensible” at the beginning of chapter 12. Based on everything God has done for us (chapters 1-11), it just makes sense to serve him in these practical ways.
  • “Make friends with ordinary people.” – what a great way to put that!
  • This section on government is especially appropriate given our proximity to the upcoming election.
  • I had never read it this way before: “Let the Lord Jesus Christ be as near to you as the clothes you wear.” That’s powerful!
  • What a great example for us to seek God’s plan – “The Lord Jesus has made it clear to me…” (On that specific topic, God also made it clear to Noah and Peter.)

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  1. The statement “Let the Lord Jesus Christ be as near to you as the clothes you wear” hit me right between the eyes!

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