Listen, Day 6: Mark 1-6

Here are our family thoughts on Sept 19 listening



  • Jesus and the disciples used a boat a lot, and they wanted to be alone several times
  • Instead of just having the people sit down, they put them in groups of 100s and 50s


  • “I remember the story of 2 fish and 5 breads.”
  • “The people were surrounding God like crazy.”
  • “I heard Satan talking, the green snake that made Eve eat the apple off the bad tree!”


1 thought on “Listen, Day 6: Mark 1-6”

  1. Pastor, your question number 2 reminds me of the times I ushered at the Morris when the rock bands played. Crowds of people came to watch and listen and lift/clap their hands. During a few of the favorite songs, in spite of fire codes, the people would light their lighters and wave them in the air to show their devotion. I imagine that Jesus in person had such an effect and was “touchable” and although He is very real now, working in our lives, not many are begging to “touch Him”. And in a sense (I’ve been there) many are desparate and begging for His help. Regarding Mark’s walking on the water omission, I think it was because he was retelling this and was not actually there.

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