Looking into 2009 at OTCC

Well, we’re just about to the end of the year. I taught yesterday about how to make sure that we don’t forget the lessons we’ve learned, but instead be able to build on them and keep growing. You can listen to that message here (MP3).

One of the things we’ve been working on is intentional evaluation and change so that we can grow as a church, too. There are several things we began in 2008 that have worked very well and we’ll continue to do.

There are also some things that we are going to change in 2009. One of the big things we want to watch extra carefully this year is how to cut financial expenses. So here are a few things that we’re going to do this year:

  • Bulletins by series – Instead of printing new bulletins each week, we are going to use the same bulletin for every week in a series. The inserts will have the weekly stuff. لعبة سلوتس This way we can cut our weekly printing costs by up to half. 

    In order to make this happen, we are going to ask you to recycle your unused bulletins. That is, if you don’t use your bulletin (write in it, use the Connection Card, etc.), give it back at the end of the service. We’ll have a basket in the lobby where you can do that. The same goes with the offering envelope in the bulletin. If you don’t use it, recycle it.

  • Web-based communication – We will be doing a lot more of our communication with you via the internet instead of print. There are some things that will still need to be printed, but the majority will be done through these venues:
    • Church Blog – Currently the church’s blog just feeds the weekly messages to subscribers. That will change in 2009. Once it’s updated, subscribers to our church blog will be the first to get announcements, updates, etc. كازينو888 Then the email subscribers. Then those who visit our web site periodically. Then those who just wait for Sunday announcements. تعلم القمار
    • Website – We are updating our web site to make it much more robust. Once it’s done, most of the time the answer to a question will be, “Go to our website and click…” We want everyone to use our website on a regular basis, and we’ll be driving you there continually. There are going to be some cool new features you won’t want to miss.
    • Email – We will be using our iContact account much more for mass mailings, surveys and feedback, and more. Open subscriptions will be available soon. I encourage everyone to subscribe to our email updates.
    • My Blog – Of course, this blog is a great place to stay in touch with me and what’s going on at church. You can subscribe through one of the links at the top.

This is just a sample. More will come throughout the year, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

For now, keep praying, serving, and giving. Get plugged in everywhere you can.

Oh, and don’t miss a worship service if you can help it. We have some great teaching series planned for 2009, starting right away this weekend! Who are you bringing with you?

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