Rick Warren responds

If you’ve been awake at all over the last week or so, you probably know that President-elect Obama has asked Rick Warren to give the official prayer at his inauguration ceremony in just under one month.

That has set off a HUGE explosion – mostly among the gay community and the media.

Well, Rick has finally responded to the charges on a video called “Pastor Rick’s News & Views” that he records regularly for the members of Saddleback Church.

In this 22-minute video, Rick talks about the media, gay marriage, civil rights, and his decision to pray at the inauguration. I hope you take the time to watch this. And then I’d love to hear what you think about it. العاب تكسب فلوس


1 thought on “Rick Warren responds”

  1. Interesting to hear in his own words why he accepted the honor of this prayer. He definately has his view on the media news. (I agree most of TV is trash TV) His purpose driven connection also sounds interesting.

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