As many of you know, Mark Beeson is the senior pastor at Granger Community Church. I’ve had a few chances to talk with him, and I have appreciated his insight and wisdom. His blog allows us to tap into that frequently.

He wrote a post last week about spiritual maturity that got me thinking again. You definitely need to read it. (Yes, right now; it’s short). ivermectin picomic

OK – so what did you think? para q sirve ivermectin 3 mg What does this say about your church? how long after taking ivermectin can i drink alcohol If you are a part of OTCC, what does this say about our church?

2 thoughts on “Maturity”

  1. I read this article on Saturday and was most impressed (I often read his blog as well as Tim Stevens). It did make me think about OTCC and wonder whether we have immature people in our crowd. Definitely some, but the majority seem “mature” which means we could be dying out! It did cause me to pause and think.

  2. Interesting way to get that point across, don’t you think? When growth is involved we must remember it is not uncommon for children to rebel & leave. Then like the prodigal come back or find another church because they are embarrassed by their actions. I believe we should not tire of answering the fundamental questions to immature Christians. It is always good to remember our roots & to remember what the foundation of our faith is. Growth for growths sake is not good, but God inspired growth will always be good. We must remember the example used is a bird, which multiplies much faster then elephants but slower then rabbits or mice. I believe our church will continue to grow at a nice rate, not to fast to loose the message or the charm. God will see to the correct saturation rate.

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