Vacation 2009: Day 1

Well, we began our family vacation today. It’s the first time in four years that our whole family has been able to get away (Saralynn and I have a couple of times alone). It also happens to be the seven-year anniversary of my role as the Lead Pastor at Oak Tree Community Church, which means that some sort of Sabbath is in order. And so we have taken the month of June to play hard together.

This won’t be all play time, though. I have some days scheduled for studying and writing. العاب تربح فلوس حقيقية I plan to post here (nearly) every day, both to keep in touch with you and to share some things I learn along the way. بلاك جاك اون لاين For instance, I was reminded that today is the official first day of hurricane season. Yay!

Seriously, I did learn two things today that I want you to keep in your prayers:

  1. My brother-in-law, Stephen, found out today that the company where he has worked his entire adult life is being closed. He is losing his job.
  2. My cousin, Eric, was told that the lump on his neck that they thought was just a fatty cyst is actually a cancerous tumor of some kind.

Please pray for both of these men. Their relationships with God – Eric’s brand new, Stephen’s much older – will be tested greatly in the coming days and weeks. Pray for their families, too – their wives, Sarah (my sister) and Angela (my cousin) and their children. لعب بينجو

That’s where we close today. After driving most of 21 hours from noon yesterday through this morning, I’m tired. Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then, keep an eye on my growing vacation photo album on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Vacation 2009: Day 1”

  1. I have been praying for Stephen & Eric & their families. Thank you for sharing this and your 1st day of vacation. Dan'l you know that I updated e-sword and it worked out, but for some reason the message bible tab isn't there. I can find it in the Windows explorer and have tried to convert it over but I must not be doing it right. Were you able to upgrade it to your disk? I also thought I downloaded Josephus but I cannot find that. Also, is there a site I could access to view the One Prayer sermons each week? Listen, if you read this and are too busy relaxing, just ignore and I will talk to you when you get back to Indiana…HA!!

    1. Daniel Goepfrich

      Thanks for your prayers. It looks like Eric's thing may not be cancerous after all, but they've removed it to find out.

      No, I have not been able to do the Message version (and something else I don't remember right now) either. I'll keep working on it.

      Pete was considering burning copies of the One Prayer messages onto DVDs if anyone was interested. You might ask him if he could make you a set –

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