Vacation 2009: Days 2-3

So, I didn’t post Tuesday for two main reasons: 1) I forgot before bed; and 2) we didn’t really do anything. Really. We actually had a pretty relaxing day where the only thing we did was swim, read, and play a little GameCube (that we brought with us).

The rain kept things interesting, but it didn’t stop anything. You can see a couple of pics in my Facebook album of the rain clouds and the kids swimming in the rain.

On Wednesday we went out to Sanibel Island. Sanibel has been a favorite vacation spot for our family since I was in high school. This year my parents brought my son, Nathan, and nephew, Philip, with them a week ago on a special vacation just for the 10-year-olds.

So we hooked up with them for the day – spent our time on the Gulf of Mexico beach, played in the pool, grilled burgers and chili dogs for supper, and got homemade ice cream for dessert.

Oh yeah – and got the first massive sunburns of the trip! Something keeps bringing me back to Florida, but it isn’t the sunburns. I got it most places my swimsuit doesn’t cover. And that was with multiple meetings with SPF 50!

New pics are in my vacation photo album on Facebook. (No, there are no sunburn pics.)

Thursday will be my first work day. We left Micah to play on Sanibel, so Saralynn, David, and Rachael will get to hang out. (Fortunately, they still take naps.) I have two major projects that I want to work on during our time here. I’ll post more on those later. I’ll also post several book reviews since I plan to read a lot while we’re here.

Please keep praying for Stephen and Eric. I’ll post more news as I get it. horse dewormer ivermectin

Please pray for me as I work on these two projects.

Please pray for Oak Tree Community Church. The whole point of Sabbath rest is to give our ordinary work back to God to do what we can’t do. will ivermectin kill mites guinea pig I’m expecting big things at OTCC while we’re gone. ivermectin cream 1 price

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