Moving on

For the last year and a half Angie Sanders has served Oak Tree Community Church as our church secretary and my personal assistant – first as a volunteer, then as paid staff.

As she left work today, our goodbyes to each other were a little different as it was her last day in that position. After months of discussion with her husband, me, and others, Angie decided that she needed to step out of this role.

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For my parents

These next three weeks are full of birthdays in my family. Within a span of 21 days, we’ll celebrate six of them (not including Saralynn’s side of the family). It started this past Sunday with my mom’s. The end of October will have a brother- and sister-in-law’s. The first week of November includes my dad’s, my wife’s, and mine. (Hope I didn’t forget anybody!)

In thinking about my mom’s birthday this weekend specifically, I wondered what they imagined this part of their lives would look like when they celebrated their birthdays together for the first time, almost 40 years ago.

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